NHQ is fully equipped with the most modern and upto date technology fit studios for cataering to your magnificient creations.

Studio 1 – The Engine Room

The ultimate place for producing just how you wanted it to be or even better, the Engine Room is equiped with the most modern systems for recording your expressions. Using the Protools HDx system and floating method of acoustics, The engine room is large enough to comfortably contain a whole team of live musicians. The place has been constructed and set up taking into consideration even the minutest of artist needs and is sure to give wings to your dreams. The many list of pre amps and screens aid for large productions, movie BGMs, RR and anything else you can ask for. Witness the birth of your creations in style at the engine room.

Studio 2 – Area 51

Cosy, compact, no compromise on quality- thats what describes Area 51. Loaded with protools and floating method of acoustics this studio is any sound makers ultimate work place. The gear set up here allows the perfect blend of symphony and output for the music genius. Recording experiences will never be like before here. Because the super clear and balanced output here allows you to open up to any wildest of desires. Area 51 is also quite light on your pockets, making it accessible for anyone to try their skills, weather it be a small voice insertion or an entire song.

Studio 3 – The Mystique

We are coming up soon with yet another addition to the wonder experience at NHQ. Watch this space to witness the mystery unfold.